Stephan Schmid, 4056 Basel

HF + 50m: FT-818ND with internal 3’000mAh (33.3Wh) LiPo. Max. 6W HF.
2m + 70cm: FT-2DE, also used for APRS2SOTA and APRS.

Commercial and home-made resonant half wave end fed dipoles (EFHW) for 10m, 20m and 40m. Usually configured as inverted-V or inverted-L with a 6m telescopic glass fibre mast. No antenna tuner needed.
Home-made VP2E for 17m (needs more testing).

My Activations

Setting-up the antenna in the fastest way possible, see the bright antenna support at the bottom – no guying needed!

Alternative EFHW antenna setup pointing NW that led to a Trans-Atlantic S2S SSB contact.