Stephan Schmid, 4056 Basel, [my call sign]@qsl.net, QRZ.COM

My Activations:

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Rigs for SOTA:

  • HF, 6m, 2m, 70cm (SSB/FM): FT-818ND with internal 3Ah (33.3Wh) LiPo, max. 6W HF.
  • 2m, 70cm (FM/C4FM): FT-2DE, also used for APRS2SOTA and APRS, max. 5W HF.

Portable Antennas:

  • Commercial and home-made resonant half wave end fed dipoles (EFHW) for the 10, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 60 meter band. With an extension, the 80 meter band can be used as well, albeit with less efficiency.
    Usually configured as inverted-L with a 6m long telescopic glass fiber mast. No antenna tuner is needed.
  • Home-made VP2E for the 17 meter band.
  • Home-made Diamond-Shaped Loop for the 6 meter band.

Some Impressions:

Glass fiber mast, antenna, no guying
Setting-up the antenna in the fastest way possible, see the bright antenna support at the bottom. If the soil is firm and there is not much wind, no guying is needed!

EFHW antenna, transatlantic s2s, ssb
Alternative EFHW antenna setup pointing NW that led to a Trans-Atlantic S2S contact at solar minimum, using 6W SSB.
outdoor shack setup, VK port a log, Android logging software
A typical outdoor shack setup using the Android logging app VK port-a-log.