Stephan Schmid, 4056 Basel, [my call sign]@qsl.net, QRZ.COM

My Activations:

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Rigs for SOTA:

  • HF and 6m-band portable transceiver:
    Lab599 Discovery TX-500 with external 2Ah (~25Wh) and 4Ah (~50Wh) LiFePo4 battery packs, max. 10W RF output power.
  • HF, VHF and UHF portable transceiver:
    FT-818ND with internal 3Ah (~30Wh) LiPo and external 3S 18650 Li-Ion battery holder (~30Wh), max. 6W RF output power.
    When travelling by plane, I swap the three 18650 cells into an empty USB power bank, which allows to charge them ;-).
  • VHF and UHF handheld transceiver:
    FT-2DE, also used for APRS2SOTA and APRS, max. 5W RF output power.

Portable Antennas:

  • Commercial and home-made multi-band resonant half-wave end-fed dipoles for the 10-, 15-, 17-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-meter bands.
    Please see my corresponding document: A Portable 7-Band End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) Antenna (version 1.1).
    With an additional loading coil and some length of wire, the 80- and 160-meter band can be used as well, albeit with less efficiency.
    Typically, I strive for an inverted-L configuration, supported by a 6m-tall telescopic glass fiber mast (image).
  • Home-made diamond-shaped loop for the 6-meter band (image).
  • Home-made VP2E for the 17-meter band.
  • Commercial 2-element log-periodic for the 2-meter and the 70-centimeter bands (image).

Some Impressions:

Glass fiber mast, antenna, no guying
Setting up the antenna in the fastest way possible -> see the bright antenna support at the bottom. If the soil or snow is firm and there is not much wind, no guying is needed!
Setting up my home-made 7-band EFHW antenna.
EFHW antenna, transatlantic s2s, ssb
Alternative commercial EFHW antenna setup pointing NW that led to a Trans-Atlantic S2S contact at solar minimum, using 5W SSB.
A typical shack-in-the-snow using the Android logging app VK port-a-log.