HB9SOTA Award Rules

1. General

These awards were created to encourage and acknowledge activations and QSOs on Swiss summits as well as between summits (S2S). The awards from the Swiss SOTA Group are available to all ham radio operators and SWLs.

2. Program start

Activator/Chaser Awards: 1 January 2013
Summit-to-Summit (S2S) Award: 3 July 2016

3. Fundamental principles

The general rules of the SOTA UK program apply.

4. Award levels

The award certificates for Activators and Chasers/SWLs as well as Summit-to-Summit contacts fall into three categories:

  • Alpenrose (at least 6 cantons)
  • Enzian (at least 14 cantons)
  • Edelweiss (all cantons that have summits, i.e. 24 cantons, or 25 if the summit in BS was activated before it was removed from the list)

5. Activators

In order to qualify a canton, an activator must have activated two different summits in that canton.

6. Chasers / SWLs

In order to qualify a canton, QSOs with two different summits in that canton must have taken place.

7. Summit-to-Summit

In order to qualify a canton, you must make a summit-to-summit QSO whereby the station with which you make the S2S QSO is on a summit in that canton. You do not get credit for the summit on which you are sitting, only the remote summit with which you make a QSO. Note that a summit-to-summit QSO where an activator outside Switzerland makes contact with a summit within Switzerland is also valid.

8. Special cantons

The canton of Schaffhausen hast only one SOTA summit. It is sufficient to activate it once.

The cantons of Geneva and Basel Stadt do not have any SOTA summits. Therefore a total of 24 activated cantons (25 if Basel Stadt could be activated before it was cancelled) is sufficient to reach the highest award category (Edelweiss).

8. Applying for an award

Participants can apply for awards here directly on the Swiss SOTA Group website.

9. Award authorization

Award authorization is based on the logs in the SOTA database. It is not necessary to submit QSL cards.

10. Award certificate distribution

Each award certificate is prepared as a PNG image file and is made available to the applicant via Dropbox.

11. Costs

Award certificates are issued to members of the Swiss SOTA Group at no charge. Non-members pay an amount of CHF 10.00 to handle processing. After an award is applied for, this amount is to be transferred without any extra request on the part of HB9SOTA to the Postcheck Account 85- 85150-9 (IBAN: CH51 0900 0000 8508 5150 9).

President, Swiss SOTA Group / Award Manager, Swiss SOTA Group
Jürg Regli HB9BIN / Oliver Caminada HB9EXF