General information on automatic translations

In some menus, there is content which originally has been created in German language for the website HB9SOTA.

When creating the multilingual version of HB9SOTA’s website, we have focused on translating the content originally provided by the management team, as far as possible.

The translation of content provided by our members,as well as external links was not within our scope. In order to provide certain English language content, we have used the tool “Google Translate” wherever possible.

There are pages which are available on the German language version but not in English. These pages majorly contain links to PDF documents where the automatic translation does not work. We apologise for not being able to provide a simple solution to translate this content.

Hint: When you are on a automatically translated website, you will stay on Google translate when selecting links on the translated page. In order to return to the original web page of HB9SOTA, please use the “Return” button in your web browser.

For transparency, all articles or links which have been translated automatically are marked accordingly.