Data Protection

Declaration of Data Protection for Website Visitors (Non-Members)

HB9SOTA does not collect any personal data from visitors of the website.
Our internet provider may be collecting data such as IP addresses etc., which are required for the technical operation of the website. This data may be stored to fulfill legal requirements.

Declaration of Data Protection for Orderers of Awards and Trophies

HB9SOTA acquires data necessary for the creation and delivery, which are entered by the person who orders the award himself.
For awards, no data is transferred to third parties. For the order of a trophy, the entered data is transferred to the manufacturer of the trophy with the purpose of production and delivery.

Names and callsigns of award owners are published on HB9SOTA’s website.

Declaration of data protection for members of HB9SOTA

Personal data of members is stored for the purpose of membership administration. This includes the assurance of membership correspondence. No data is transferred to third parties.

Info and Contact:

Jens Nolte, HB9EKO
Präsident HB9SOTA