HB-Association Update v2.4

Dear HB9SOTA members

An update is planned for our association as of 1 December 2023 (ARM v2.4). This version will bring the following changes to the Swiss summits:

Summits in the GR region:
GR-164 (Punta Pioda di Sciora) will be reactivated. The prominence is again fulfilled according to the current Swisstopo map.

Summits in the SG region:
SG-005 (Zanaihorn) is reactivated. The prominence is again fulfilled according to the current Swisstopo map.

Summits in the VS region:
New summit VS-266 (Le Besso) added.

The reference VS-194 (Mont Fourchon) was transferred to Italy on 30.4.23, the new reference is I/VA-142. Most of the activation zone is on Italian territory (not yet documented in previous ARM versions).

In general:
All Swiss SOTA summits were checked with regard to their names, heights and coordinates. The swissNAMES3D data collection from geo.admin (Swiss Federal Office of Topography) served as the basis. Corrections were made to about half of all peaks. However, all peaks (except those mentioned above) remain within the existing activation zones. Special attention was paid to the multilingualism of the summits and duplicate summit names. Such names were separated with a slash. Spaces before or after the slash have been removed (a ‘zero-width space’ has been inserted after the slash so that a line break is still possible for different frontends).

Here are a few concrete examples: The altitude of the Gwächtenhorn has been adjusted from 3420 to 3404, so the summit has shrunk by a whole 16 metres. The highest point is now in the rock and no longer on the firn. Multilingualism has meant that there are summit names in three languages, for example the Rheinwaldhorn is officially called Adula/Piz Valrhein/Rheinwaldhorn. These are just two examples; of course a lot more has changed. In most cases, the names and altitudes should now be identical to those on the Swisstopo map (at the highest zoom level).
I hope you find your favourite summit again (the references are identical ;). If you have any questions or discrepancies, please contact me.

I wish you continued great activations and vy 73
Arthur HB9CEV