HB9SOTA Cowbell

New: Cowbell Trophy for HB9SOTA Edelweiss Award Winners

In addition to the certificate, winners of the Edelweiss Award are qualified to purchase the HB9SOTA Cowbell. It is a truly authentic trophy that will make a handsome addition to any bookshelf. It is hand-made in Switzerland. The bell itself, cast in bronze, is 8 cm in diameter and has the Swiss cross on it (not edelweiss as in the photo). The leather red belt with the Swiss cross is made with the hide of cows from the local region. Overall height with the belt is 19 cm.


The cost of the bell itself is CHF 62.00 plus shipping (which varies by country). The HB9SOTA Cowbell is ordered directly from the manufacturer (Glockengiesserei Berger in the town of Bärau in the Emmental region of Switzerland, which is also famous for Emmentaler cheese).

NOTE: This is a business transaction between yourself and Glockengiesserei Berger; HB9SOTA assumes no responsibility for any part of the contract you make with them, payment or the product/delivery.


Please fill in the form below. The manufacturer will contact you within the next few days about payment and shipping details.

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