Update HB9SOTA winter hike

Dear members of HB9SOTA, 
the weather report still does not enable us to take a final decision on the activation of Feb. 26. We will keep an eye on it and decide about the hike on thursday night or friday. 
In case we cannot perform the hike agin, we have added 2 more options to the Doodle on saturday, march 12 and Sunday, march 13, to give you some headway for your planning. 


When changing the restaurant option to “no certificate required”, unfortunately all entries got lost. The reservation for this saturday is secured anyway for the registered participants plus a few spare places. Since we did not ask for a reservation for the reserve dates in march yet, we removed the reference to the restaurant and the exact time. We will communicate this information voa email if required. 

73 Jens HB9EKO