Mont Fourchon HB/VS-194 –> I/VA-142

Dear members of HB9SOTA,

Summit references are not always as stable as the summits themselves….

If a SOTA summit is located precisely on the border between two associations, it belongs to the association in which the larger part of the activation zone is located. That’s stated in the SOTA rules, article 3.5.5. Mont Fourchon, HB/VS-194 is such a summit which is located exactly on the Swiss-Italian border, the majority of the activation zone is in Italy. Therefore, we transfer this summit (as applied) to our Italian colleagues. As of May 1st 23, Mont Fourchon holds the summit reference I/VA-142. The old logs and photos are available at under the summit reference . Despite of the new reference, climbing and activating this summit is always worth it 🙂

Vy 73 Jens, HB9EKO for Arthur, HB9CEV