HB9SOTA Winter Hike

Dear HB9SOTA members,

on February 18 2023, we’ll have our winter hike on La Berra https://sotl.as/summits/HB/FR-028.

Afterwards, at approx. 16:00h, we’ll meet in the Restaurant Le Dépôt in La Roche. From there, there are plenty of opportunities to travel home by public transport later in the evening, as opposed to the restaurants at the cable car (top or bottom).

In order to be able to communicate the number of participants to the restaurant, I kindly ask you to fill in the following poll by Feb. 14, 2023 cfor the date and the reserve date: https://framadate.org/vIrvRdaKIWw76nhv

I’m looking forward to your numerous participation.

Best 73 from your president

Jens, HB9EKO