Leander Gutzwiller, 8932 Mettmenstetten

Licensed: since June 1982

HB/TI-035 Nufenenstock HB9RMW
HB/TI-035 Nufenenstock by HB9RMW (27.09.2014)

Promised in 1982: «I will be able to QSO on shortwave without learning CW before I get 50!»
And yes, I did short wave operating for three (!) days, learning CW seems to be a benefit to operate on CW… so «Learning CW» is one for my bucket list.

My fist ever «SOTA first activation» was HB/TI-035 called Nufenenstock. I learned two things that day. First: there is never enough water to take with. Second: if there is no way drawn on the map watch the signs carefully! 🙂 In stead of 90 minutes, it took me 3h to get up to the summit.
It was a great day full of challenges getting a bunch of experience for future expeditions to first activations.

For SOTA I currently use my KX-3 and a homebrew dipole called «Norcal Doublet» on feeder wire.