Paul Schreier, 8800 ThalwilDSC02227

First licensed in 1969 as WN3TWT (novice license), upgraded to WA3MTP (general class) and then AA1MI (extra class).

Education: BSEE from the University of Notre Dame; MS Engineering Management from Northwestern University. Work as a technical writer/editor (most presently for Scientific Computing World Magazine) as well as a German->English translator.

Operate 99% CW. Awards from my coastal QTH in the US (Rye, NH) with an R7 vertical: DXCC QRP (5W), Milliwatt WAS (Worked All States <1W)

Moved to Switzerland in 2001, assigned the call HB9DST.

Member of ARRL, USKA, HTC, HB9RF, HB9D and HB9SOTA.

Current SOTA station:
ATS-4 (KD1JV design), 4W out.
Antenna (depending on the terrain): AlexLoop with modified camera tripod — OR — 7m collapsible fiberglass mast with end-fed halfwave (EndFedz)
iP30Z antenna analyzer
3-cell LiPo battery (3300 mAh — lots of capacity!)
Palm Radio Pico Paddle


(Photo: SG-017 Churfirsten/Hinterrugg June 2012)