Marco Zollinger, 6932 Breganzona

Because of some health problems I have to maintain a constant level of physical activity; since I hate walking without moving like in fitness centers I decided to combine duties and pleasure through SOTA activities.

While my usual HAM activity is mostly related to operating large QRO pileups in contests (D4C, ES9C, IR4M, OM8A), I found this low-rate QRP activity very rewarding and relaxing :-)

I’m currently just focusing on activating summits near my home (Southern Switzerland), getting there by walking or cycling.

RIG is KX3 and AlexLoop antenna; I am very surprised and satisfied by the performance of the antenna, easy to carry and performing far above my expectations.

A Solar-rechargeable 23Ah LiPo battery gives me plenty of power to operate, keep my mobile phone charged and possibly also charge my notebook in case I bring it along.


…Yes, I know, the Begali key is a crazy weight overkill, I’ll buy a KX3 keyer at the next opportunity