Reports from Paul HB9DST (in English)

Switzerland is blessed with so many beautiful, interesting summits. I have written reports for those I found particularly interesting for one reason or another. In addition, entries marked with *** are summits that I highly recommend for a visitor who will be in Switzerland for only a limited amount of time and would like to activate some of the best SOTAs our country has to offer.


*** Grosser Mythen HB/SZ-019 (S 2014)

*** Kaiseregg HB/FR-008 Kaiseregg (S 2018)

*** Chlingenstock HB/SZ-017 and Fronalpstock HB/SZ-018 (S 2020)

*** Piz Danis HB/GR-104 and Stätzer Horn HB/GR-105 (S 2016)

*** Buergenstock HB/NW-019 (S 2013)

*** Eggishorn HB/VS-110 (S 2013)

*** Schwarzhorn HB/GR-085 (S 2015)

*** The Churfirsten HB/SG-049 / SG-020 / SG-018 / SG-052 / SG-053 / SG-017

*** The Klewenalp region HB/NW-012 / NW-014 / NW-016 / NW-017 / NW-018 / UR-074

*** Bella Tola HB/VS-175 and Illhorn HB/VS-216 (S 2016)

*** Titlis HB/OW-001 (S 2018)

*** The Gonzen and Palfries Region: Alvier (HB/SG-016) and Gauschla (HB/SG-051), Gonzen (HB/SG-030) and Fäderä/Tschugga (HB/SG-048)

Üssers Barrhorn HB/VS-078 (S 2015)

Druesberg HB/SZ-011 (S 2015)

Elsighore / Elsignorn HB/BE-089 (S 2015)

Augstbordhorn HB/VS-184 (S 2015)

Vilan HB/GR-107 (S 2015)

Piz Beverin HB/GR-101 (S 2015)

Gufelstock HB/GL-023 (S 2015)

Mont de l’Arpille HB/VS-112 report (S 2013)

Stockhorn HB/BE-103 and Cheibehore HB/BE-148 (S 2013)

Farnli HB/BE-108 and Napf HB/BE-154 (S 2013)

Gantrisch HB/BE-115 and Bürglen HB/BE-120 (S2013)

Calmut HB/GR-292 (S 2013)

Pizalun HB/SG-040 (S 2014)

Hochfinsler HB/SG-013 (S 2014)

Bäderhore HB/BE-122 (S 2014)

Hoher Kasten HB/AI-005 and Alp Sigel HB/AI-006 (S 2014)

Le Chamossaire HB/VD-020 and Chaux Ronde HB/VD-024 (S 2014)

WINTER ACTIVATION HIGHLIGHTS (done with snowshoes, but also interesting for summer)

*** Le Chasseron HB/VD-035 (W 2014/2015)

*** Lüschkopf HB/GR-102 and Tguma HB/GR-103 (W 2014/15)

*** Niremont HB/FR-033 (W 2013/14)

*** Dossen HB/SZ-035 (W 2013/14)

Niderhore HB/BE-118, Meniggrat HB/BE-149 (W 2013/14)

Horntube HB/BE-144 (W 2014/2015)

La Dole HB/VD-034 (W 2014/15)

Hohmattli HB/FR-027 (W 2014/15)

Monts Chevreuils HB/VD-031 (W 2013/14)

Aiguilles de Baulmes HB/VD-038 (W 2013/14)


*** Across the Furstensteig to HB0/LI-008 Kuhgrat with optional HB0/LI-011 Helwangspitz (S2019)

Augstenberg HB0/LI-004 (numerous visits)

Naafkopf HB0/LI-002 (updated S 2016)

Hochberg OE/VB-511 and Hirschberg OE/VB-509 (S 2016)

The Hegau volcanoes (DM/BW-086 Hohenhewen, DM/BW-085 Hohenstoffeln and DM/BW-101 Hohentwiel) (S 2015)

Nisyros SV/AG-049 and Lipsi/Skafi SV/AG-026 (S 2014)

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